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Amazing Firework Mines and Fountains

Buy Firework Mines and Fountains online with confidence from Dynamic Fireworks. With a huge range of fountains and mines, you’re sure to find something to add a little bit more sparkle to your firework display.

What are fountains?

Firework Fountains are a ground-based firework. Which will project a shower of sparks and colourful pearls, whistles and crackle. Erupting from ground level to heights of up to 15-20 feet. Many have long durations lasting from 30 seconds to nearly 2 minutes. They come in all shapes and sizes from traditional volcano fountains, cylinder and fanned. As well as many novelties like the lotus flower spinning fountain or combination fountains with more than one fountain erupting at once.

In general firework fountains tend to be low noise and very pretty and colourful. Ideal for all the family and great for garden displays and larger displays alike.

What is a firework mine?

A ground-based powerful firework, mines are normally instantaneous eruptions of a pretty column of glitter or coloured stars bursting skyward. Leading to big and loud colourful bouquet bursts. Mines are a great way to start or finish a firework display as they create an instant WOW factor.

Fireworks mines are a real statement item for any large display.