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All Fireworks | All Year Round

All firework from Dynamic Fireworks are sourced by ourselves in China. They comply and pass testing to the CE Standard. With our range containing approximately 200 items. You will be spoilt for choice. From roman candles, firework cakes and barrages. Catherine wheels, fountains and firework rockets. Ready to cater to your firework needs?

Not to miss out on our sparklers, ice fountains and wax torches. Available to buy in bulk buy deals and offering big savings!

Amazing Firework from your friendly specialists

As a result of over 20 year’s experience, we are specialists in the firework industry. And in fact, we supply our products to members of the public, military and charities all across the mainland UK for many firework events.

We are always happy to help you chose your perfect package. Whether you want to buy fireworks for your wedding, birthday celebrations, Guy Fawkes or New Year Eve.

With firework for sale all year round. You can buy your fireworks today and have them delivered to your door. Including many special offers, buy one get one free and much more! With easy to find categories including low noise fireworks, 1.3g effect fireworks and our range of professional firework effects.

Types of firework

Not sure where to start searching, or what the firework you want is called or looks like? Let us give you a small rundown of the different types and what the main specifics are.

Barrages & Cakes

Barrages and Cakes are placed on the ground, shoot multiple shots up in the sky, where they show a wide array of colours and loud noises. We have cakes with a short display up to 15 seconds. We also have ones that last longer, up to 3 minutes.


Rockets shoot up in the sky as well, but just once, where they leave a colourful display behind. We have an array from simple rockets that erupt once, to ones that erupt multiple times.


Also known as Roman Candles, a traditional type of firework, they shoot their effects from the ground, up to 70 feet in the air. They are both available as single tubes or roman candle bundle.


Fountains are a ground-based firework that are generally low-noise and will project a shower of sparks, colourful pearls, whistles and crackle, up to 20 feet. Depending on the fountain you choose they will last from 30 seconds up to nearly 2 minutes.


Mines are like Fountains, they have eruptions of glitter and coloured stars bursting high up in the sky. The main difference is that mines come with a big bang and burst into colourful bouquets.

Wheels & Lancework Firework

Traditional Wheels and Lancework Firework are a set-piece addition to any display. Wheels require to be attached to an upright pole, since they are provided with a motor that thrust to spin. And Lanceworks are custom made art that can make words or images in the sky.

Helpful Filters

However, if you need help choosing which firework to buy? Then use our handy firework filters, you can select different categories from which you would like to buy your fireworks. But that is not all, you can also select the duration, explosive weight, number of shots and safety distance to suit your display site. In addition to that you can check out our HD firework videos so you can view what it looks like before you buy!

Fireworks, Safety and the Law!

We sell products varying from garden firework that only needs 8 metres safety distance, up to displays needing 25 metres safety distance. Above all, always remember safety first and read the instructions provided. In addition, you can download our free firework safety guide.

Finally, under the regulations, all fireworks must be finished before 11 pm. With the exception of New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali which is 1 am and Bonfire night which is 12 pm.