By Dynamic Fireworks,
Martin and Su 2 - Celebrity Clients - Dynamic Fireworks

Here at Dynamic Fireworks, we are one of the leading professional display companies in the UK, with 25 years of experience in providing high quality fireworks. We are also one of the most respected firework companies and are committed to working in collaboration with many clients across the UK to ensure displays are filled with excitement, wonder and thrills.

Whether you visit us in one of our stores, purchase online, or invite us along to your event to provide a professional display, we are committed to providing each of our customers the same level of superb service that we are known for.

Our customer focus sets us apart from others, and as a result we are very fortunate to be the first choice for many celebrities. So would you like a sneak peek? Keep reading to see some of the big names we have helped.

Anthony Joshua

Dynamic Fireworks had the great pleasure of taking, Sparktacular our indoor display system to London’s O2 Arena for ‘An evening with Anthony Joshua ’. Famous for winning Gold for heavyweight at the 2012 London Olympics, Anthony then went on to become a professional boxer.

Using our state of the art Sparktacular fireworks on The O2 stage, we created a stunning display of sparkling fountains for the grand moment Anthony Joshua walked on stage and key points during his evening .

Anthony Joshua - Celebrity Clients - Dynamic Fireworks

Martin and Su

Well known for their breakfast show on Heart Essex Radio, they wake up the county every weekday morning with a giggle. They are certainly our Dynamic Duo! We love listening to them on the radio, and they have just as much fun here in our store!

They are loyal and very welcomed customers every year, and it’s our pleasure to help them out each Bonfire Night with their firework needs.


Martin and Su - Celebrity Clients - Dynamic Fireworks Martin and Su 2 - Celebrity Clients - Dynamic Fireworks

Charlie Hedges

Another one of our radio favourites is Charlie who was part of Kiss FM’s breakfast show and now co-fronts the evening entertainment show on BBC Radio 1. Notorious for her fun and fresh personality, she is well-known for making you smile and getting you laughing!

We were recently invited along to a personal celebration where we fired a spectacular display for her and her family. The night was a great success, and enjoyed by all.

Just like her chatty demeanour on radio, she left us a gushing review which made us all smile:

“Honestly the fireworks were INCREDIBLE, honestly lost for words it made the end of our day just amazing like a fairytale. Thank you so so much.”

Charlie Hedges - Celebrity Clients - Dynamic Fireworks

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

This Icelandic professional strongman and actor is a giant of a figure in show business. At 6ft 9 inches and over 400 pounds it is rumoured he has to each every two hours! He can lift 1,000 pounds and has won many strongman competitions. Not only Iceland’s Strongest Man, Europe’s Strongest Man but also holding the prestigious title of World’s Strongest Man 2018. Furthermore, he is famous for playing Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane in Game of Thrones.

We had the pleasure of meeting this legend at Giants Live tour where our Sparktacular machines were put to good use. For each entrance of over the five gruelling tasks the Sparktacular displays created an amazing walkway of sparks; with an extra special array for the winners’ podium. An incredible series of shows which were not only enjoyed by stadiums full of enthusiastic fans but also a television audience of 2.5 million.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson - Giant Live Machester - Dynamic Fireworks

Keith Flint

Over the years we had many visits from Keith Flint who was part of the band The Prodigy . A true firework fanatic and gentleman, who sadly passed away in March 2019. He use to fill up his car with so much pyro, that we even had a firework named after the band. The first year he came in and saw the firework he bought fifteen!


Phil Taylor

Well-known for being one of the most successful darts players in history, and indeed having won 214 professional tournaments considered by many as the greatest darts player of all time. We had the pleasure of meeting this great professional, nicknamed ‘The Power’ at a charity darts evening where we had our Sparktacular system in full swing.

Phil Taylor - Celebrity Clients - Dynamic Fireworks Phil Taylor 2 - Celebrity Clients - Dynamic Fireworks

Dean Ashton

We got to know Dean when he was a striker for West Ham Utd, and it soon became clear he loved his pyro as much as we love football! This great footballer who also has played for Norwich City, Crewe and the England national team certainly is a Dynamic VIP. We’re always pleased to help out whether it is fireworks for a traditional Guy Fawkes display or family celebration.

Spice Girl

Dynamic Fireworks were honoured to have organised and fired a spectacular professional display for one of the Spice Girls in celebration of their birthday. We will leave you to guess whether the display was, loud and scary, fast paced and sporty, coloured themed perhaps baby pink or ginger, or just very posh.

So, whatever type of event you are holding, we’d be pleased to assist, just fill in the enquiry form and you’re on your way to becoming a Dynamic VIP yourself.