By Dynamic Fireworks,
wedding fireworks

So, we have talked about Sparktacular Indoor Non-Pyrotechnic Firework Display during your wedding and we have talked about our spectacular First Dance Firework Display being choreographed to music and exploding in through the crescendo in ‘Your Song’.  But we have only just begun in how your wedding can be enhanced through fireworks.

Our Wedding Extras can really set your evening off; being part of the ‘Prosecco Revolution’ why not consider our Champagne Bottle & Glass Lancework, a clever bit of comedy to incorporate into either the beginning or end of your firework display. With a fountain surround we ‘pop’ the cork, pour the bubbly into a glass and toast the crowd!

Personalised wedding fireworks

One of my all-time favourites is, however, the Heart with Initials set piece lancework. Right at the centre of your display with fireworks firing around it, will be a set piece of both of the couple’s first initial with a heart in the centre, lit up by individual coloured fountains, it serves as a romantic tribute during the firework display. It is so special, that with some of our larger display packages we offer this free of charge as we can’t bear the thought you may miss out on it.

Who could forget about Heart Shells? Gorgeous massive red heart bursts in the sky before, during and after your display are also a romantic touch to your otherwise electric firework display of fast paced, shell bursting, cake drumming splendour.

But wait for it… nothing gives a couple as much importance, the crowd as much anticipation, the flower girls as much excitement as a Plunger Start! Yes, it is what you think it is, a plunger rigged up to the fireworks so that you may countdown and plunge your firework display into ignition. Cool right? If it’s not cool it is bound to bring a jovial atmosphere amongst the crowds.

The grand finale wedding fireworks display

Now for the real McCoy, the finale of the day, of our wedding firework displays, the end-of-evening wedding firework display. Whether you end with our spectacular Wedding Serenade, Wedding Bouquet, Wedding Celebration, Wedding Supreme or Wedding Royale we have got a variety of budgets covered with some unmissable stunning firework displays.

A common misconception with fireworks is ‘five minutes doesn’t seem like a long time’, I hereby direct you to the videos on our website where you can watch a five minute display and you will see, it feels like ten minutes or more. We tested on some of our crowds a few years ago and found that five to ten minutes was maximum and optimum duration for wedding firework displays before people’s attention start to wonder. So, during this time frame we like to make your firework display as hard hitting, high impact and spectacular as possible to grasp your audience’s attention and leaving you and your guests with one word in your mouth, ‘Wow’.

Low noise wedding fireworks

Don’t be put off by our ‘Whisper Firework Displays’ either, beautiful but without the maximum noise impact. Fountains, candles and cakes of shimmering, glittering, sparkling goodness! Taking into consideration the environment, animals and those more sensitive to noise.

There is so much choice and we are always on hand to discuss these choices. Please email, tweet, Instagram direct message, Facebook  message, call, contact us through our website or come into our store! We are open six days a week. Let Wedding Season Commence!