By Dynamic Fireworks,
Low Noise fireworks

A hot topic of conversation in the media, amongst our customers and within the industry is the need for more low-noise fireworks. Whether our customers have animals, elderly neighbours, members of their audience’s sensitive to the noise of fireworks, young children or just do not like noisy fireworks, low-noise fireworks that can be bought via the shop or low-noise firework displays may be the way forward for you, without having to stop the use of fireworks entirely.

Low noise firework displays

We have listened to our customers and although we have had a range of low-noise fireworks for many years that can be bought retail and a magnificent discounted display pack called our ‘Demon Low Noise Display Pack’ available to purchase, with a recommended firing order and an assortment of fireworks to give you a spectacular display (o the quieter side) we have sourced some more beautiful, breath-taking low-noise fireworks to compliment our growing range of quality display fireworks.

Whisper Wedding Firework Displays are also becoming increasing popular amongst our bride and grooms. Bespoke displays designed to offer our couples the spectacular end to their day with minimal noise. This could a requirement from the venue also; Gosfield Hall, Prested Hall, The Fennes and Holmewood Hall are all ‘low-noise’ venues, meaning they allow fireworks but they need to be ‘low-noise’ and quieter fireworks, to comply with the venue’s requirements.

Fireworks and pets

Pets are often a concern with fireworks too. As a dog-lover and dog-owner myself I found some wonderful pet pacifier’s on the market such as ‘Adaptil Plug In Diffuser’ and ‘Pets at Home’ also offer their own brand remedy to help, your vet is also someone you can talk to or more information can be found on the RSPCA website. The most wonderful advice I researched is from Cesar Millan aka ‘The Dog Whisperer’ on YouTube; Cesar shares with us some sensational techniques to calm your animal and allow them to feel at ease with fireworks.

It is a misconception that firework shop owners have no care for man’s (or us ladies) best friend ‘the dog’ but that is frankly not true. In fact, in our company alone, we share nine furry friends between us (yes I am still talking about dogs)! Our dogs and all our pets are as much part of the family as yours and thankfully after some light training and reassurance my two greyhound’s alone at completely comfortable around fireworks, in fact, they come to watch!

Scaremongering in the media is very powerful and sometimes the best source of information will be to ask us professionals how we may suggest you make firework display’s an all-round more pleasant experience for you and your animal. We are always on hand to help and guide our customers towards the best fireworks to suit your circumstances.

We aren’t naive, some people are irresponsible with fireworks but our company are senior members of the BPA (British Pyrotechnics Association), BFA (British Fireworks Association) and EIG (Explosives Industry Group) to ensure that we are upholding the highest level of safety and practice with our fireworks.

In essence, we have got your back when it comes to considerate firework displays!