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How to safely celebrate with fireworks, introduction to the subject

Celebrating Guy Fawkes in 2020 was quite different to what we have been used to in previous years. Needless to say, we have all felt the pain of dreary lockdowns and restricted in-house celebrations. Despite the government in recent times showing us a glimmer of hope, we know that some of you will still feel nervous about going to a big Guy Fawkes Day Fireworks event.

As a result, we have come up with some ideas on how to enjoy your fireworks safely either at home or with a smaller community group; without having to face the crowds for Guy Fawkes Day 2021.

At home fireworks

The obvious way to celebration Guy Fawkes, is to have fireworks at home in your own garden. Here at Dynamic Fireworks, we offer a wide range of spectacular loud and quiet fireworks to suit all types of gardens (we even do an Indoor Firework Pack and Indoor Ice Fountains).

Fireworks in a smaller garden

For smaller gardens, we would recommend one of our spectacular selection boxes or smaller combo packs which offer you a wide range of fireworks with a variety of fun effects to entice your family audience. An absolute stonker perfect for small garden displays is our Andromeda selection box. Within this box you have a mixture of multi-shot barrages, cakes and candles and we also do a great offer where you receive a packet of rockets absolutely free. This gives you noise, pretty and big fireworks to set off in an 8-metre garden or bigger, at home. What a great pack to celebrate Guy Fawkes 2021 in style!

Fireworks in a larger garden

For larger gardens up to 25 metres, we would recommend one of our larger discounted display packs which all come with a variety of fireworks small to big, a recommended firing order and all your portfires and safety equipment. These packs will accommodate larger parties if you would like to extend to having the neighbours join you to celebration Guy Fawkes Day.

If you would like large fireworks but still don’t feel comfortable with sharing your personal space, why not encourage your neighbours to watch from their garden when you set yours off. Otherwise, you and your neighbours could all set a budget and you could watch each other’s displays!

Zoom call fireworks

Zoom call fireworks have also become a new, fun way to celebrate with fireworks. Fire up the projector (not literally) and share your display online for the rest of the family and friends (wherever they may reside). This year we have seem Zoom baby showers, Zoom baby reveals, too many Zoom funerals, Zoom quizzes, Zoom work meetings, and Zoom meet and greets; it only seems right that Guy Fawkes Day 2021 joins the long list of reasons to use Zoom!

What us at Dynamic Fireworks would like to reiterate though is that if professional displays for Guy Fawkes Celebrations are allowed back in 2021, we will work closely with our event organisers to ensure that we will do everything our end to make it as covid-19 safe as possible and our event organisers will also go the extra mile to comply with their regulations so you can enjoy Guy Fawkes Fireworks, the old fashioned way, how we have always known them to be.