By Dynamic Fireworks,

We are all keeping our fingers crossed that, following the recent government announcement, we will be released from lockdown three on 21st June 2021. However, that being said, this is subject to the four stages of the road map being completed so let’s talk about other options ‘just in case’ we cannot have the ‘normal’ Guy Fawkes season we so desperately are hoping for (and deserve!).

Drive-in events

Over the past few years, we have seen drive-in cinema displays make a comeback. Drive-in cinemas first made an appearance on 6th June 1933 in New Jersey, USA. ‘Where eager motorists parked up their automobiles on the grounds of Park-In Theaters’ but sadly during the 1970s due to the increase and accessibility to home video drive-in cinemas began to die out and by 2007 there were only 405 drive-in cinemas left in operator in the USA; seeing a 90% drop over three decades.

Pre-covid, due to popular demand from the public to find new and exciting things to do as a family, we gradually began to notice the return of drive-in cinemas, just in time for a global pandemic to hit and for drive-ins to quickly become the way forward for main events, including Fireworks!

Drive-in Fireworks Displays

Last year, beneath the dark cloud of covid taking away our freedom, the general public craved their Guy Fawkes Fireworks Displays and luckily some companies offered it to them with drive-in firework displays. Families were able to drive along to a venue, staying within their bubbles and purchase food, drink, and watch a spectacular fireworks display! These types of events gave us the freedom and enjoyment we all needed, all whilst remaining safe from contamination.

These events essentially became classed as ‘Corona Proof Firework Events’. Although the appeal of these events was not just that they allowed us to enjoy our fireworks in a covid-secure way, but they also enabled us to have an evening out, in a new, fun, and retro way!

Retro culture has become extremely popular over the last few years and vintage is ‘in’ so I predict that, even though we may be ‘free’ come 21st June, with the cold weather always around 5th November, drive-in fireworks will embed ourselves into our new normal and remain an event very much that families will continue to go to. Offering that 70’s novelty vibe in the comfort of our own cars!