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Crackling Crossette


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Crackling Crossette

Crackling Crossette


Blazing skywards with a thick gold crackling comet tail before shattering into a criss-cross of crackling crossettes before a finale flurry of crackling crossette break in unison.

Duration (seconds)

Noise level (1-10)

Number of shots

Safety distance (metres)

Explosive weight (g)


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The Crackling Crossette.  An excellent low noise firework offering thick white crackling comet tails. Rising into the sky. Before breaking into stunning crackling crossettes. An aerial effect that spits stars outward. Whilst these stars travel a short distance. Before breaking into four smaller stars. With Crackling Crossette you get 25 shots from this category 2 barrage. And 25 seconds in duration. Including 337 gm of net explosive content. Even though Crackling Crossette is a low noise barrage. (4 out of 10). This firework would look great at your bonfire night. Furthermore, Crackling Crossette will deliver a star performance.


Fireworks have always been entertaining to watch. And you want your audience to truly feel everything you’re feeling. While watching this magical light show. However, it is equally as important to keep your firers and audience safe. With this in mind, we have provided a guide to safety. Included with your purchased fireworks. In addition, you will also find safety information on the label of Crackling Crossette. This will show you the safety distance for your audience and your firers. With that in mind, the safety distance for your audience for this barrage is 15 meters. Additionally, when lighting fireworks, do not lean over the top of them when lighting the fuse. And always light at arm’s length. Not to mention, avoid using cigarette lighters or matches to light fireworks. As a matter of fact, use a Portfire or one of our Turbo Lighters to ignite your fireworks safely. Furthermore, it is very likely that you will be lighting fireworks in the dark. With this in mind, use a head torch to help you see clearly what you’re lighting. Then once you have followed all the safety advice, And set up your fireworks accordingly, it’s time to let your colours burst.