By Dynamic Fireworks,

One of the most common questions we get asked by clients looking to book a professional firework display or a display at home is “What happens if it rains?”

This will probably come as no great surprise when you think about the unpredictable nature of the Great British weather. But fear not! Rain, sleet or snow will not prevent you from enjoying your fireworks, provided you follow the simple steps outlined below:

Check the weather forecast

We would always advise that you check the weather forecast a few days before your display so that you can prepare your fireworks. Useful websites and apps include:

“Weather-proof” your fireworks

If the forecast indicates that it might rain, sleet or snow, then you can weather-proof your fireworks ahead of the display to avoid any moisture damage, which can cause the gunpowder inside a firework to become unstable and prevent the firework from firing as it should.

Firework cakes, candles, fountains and mines will all fire through a single layer of cling film, clear bin liner or plastic bag as they should, but you do not need to cover rockets with these products as they should fire as normal in wet weather conditions.

The big day

When the time comes for you to take the stage and WOW your guests with your display, we would recommend that you hold off exposing the fuse on your fireworks until approximately 10 minutes before the start of the display.

This is because the fuse is the most sensitive part of a firework, so you should try your best to avoid getting this damp to ensure that your fireworks fire as they should.

With all that being said, you may still wish to reschedule your display if rain is accompanied by strong winds as this can cause debris to fly towards the crowd and the safety of you and your spectators is paramount.

For more information and advice, please check out the safety guide and video on our website, or call us on 01206 762123 for an informal chat with one of our firework experts.