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Fireworks Displays

November the 5th triggered happy memories for many of us: trying to write our name with a sparkler in the dark, watching incredible fireworks burst across the night sky – and setting fire to a big pile of wood with an effigy of a man on top.

But that effigy doesn’t represent any ordinary man – it symbolises Guy Fawkes, the chap who tried to blow up parliament in 1605.

In celebration of Fawkes’ capture and Parliament’s near-miss, bonfires and fireworks displays are set up across the UK each year. Here is a top 10 off great fireworks

1. Lewes, Sussex

Billed as the world’s largest November 5th celebration, we saw a serious spectacle at Lewes. Six individual bonfire societies put on their own processions, costumes and bonfires. And only after all that did the fireworks begin.

2. Cambridge

Unlike a lot of fireworks displays, Cambridge’s is still free – not bad when you consider that 25,000 people arrived this year. It took place on Midsummer Common in the city’s heart. A funfair made it an especially big hit with younger visitors.

November 5th celebrations in Cambridge

3. Alexandra Palace, London

Alexandra Palace put on one of the capital’s biggest displays, with laser shows, a funfair, loads of cool food stalls and even a German Bier Festival.

Fireworks Alexandra Palace London

4. Leeds Castle, Kent

Billed as the “the biggest and best fireworks in the South East of England”, this year’s Leeds Castle display was themed around the ‘greatest names in music’. It might have seem a little pricey at £20 per adult and £13.50 for children, but given the sheer range of entertainment of offer (including projections and live music), it was worth it.

Fireworks Leeds Castle in Kent

5. Blists Hill, Shropshire

This popular display is themed around the Victorian times. Everyone from shopkeepers to maids were dressed in Dickensian costumes.

Fireworks Blists Hill, Shropshire

6. Kaboom, Castle Howard, York

Dubbed “Yorkshire’s biggest fireworks display”, this year promised to be as spectacular as last and it was

7. Fireworks at the Fort, Segedunum, Tyne and Wear

Segedunum Roman Fort, on Hadrian’s Wall, adds a little Roman history to the Jacobean background. Just a five minute walk from Wallsend Metro, the event was free – but donations as always were welcome. You also got free entry into the museum!

Fireworks at the Fort 

8. Sparks in the Park, Cardiff

20,000 people arrived at Wales’ largest fireworks display. The Cardiff Castle backdrop made for an inspiring scene as the fireworks display began. Organised by Cardiff Round Table, all profits go to community causes.

Sparks in the Park Fireworks Cardiff

9. Hopetoun Fireworks & Bonfire Night 2016

A few days ahead of November the 5th, Hopetoun hosted “West Lothian’s biggest and most spectacular annual fireworks display.” A wonderful family evening with the majestic Hopetoun House as backdrop.

Hopetoun Fireworks 

10. Glasgow Green

Technically there was no bonfire at this one – but the amazing pyrotechnic display more than make up for it. Local radio DJs, stalls selling food and drink – and a funfair – will kept young and old amused. More than 3,000 fireworks were let off!

Glasgow Green fireworks