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Biggest Fireworks Displays

Big isn’t always better – but in the world of fireworks, it usually is. If you’re organising a fireworks display, maybe even the worlds biggest firework, and need a little inspiration, check out these 10 spectacular events from the Biggest Fireworks Displays around the globe.

Australia Day

No sooner has the New Year’s Eve firework smoke cleared, then the Australians are at it again. January 26 is Australia Day, and the biggest celebrations are held in Sydney, chief among them is a huge fireworks display. A colourful boat parade takes place at the same time, adding to the evening’s charm.

National Day – Singapore

One of the longest-running annual fireworks displays on Earth, Singapore’s National Day is the culmination of celebrations marking independence from Malaysia in 1965. Firework teams from across the world deliver display over several days. Sadly you’ve just missed the most recent Singapore National day (August 9) but if you simply cannot get enough pyrotechnics, be sure to turn up next year!

Mt. Rushmore Fireworks – Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

The iconic Mount Rushmore is beguiling enough when it’s all lit up at night, but the Independence Day fireworks display that’s held above it takes things to another level.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In a city where pretty much everything is world-beating (at least size-wise), it comes as no surprise that Dubai puts on a pretty amazing fireworks display each New Year’s Eve. Fireworks surge out from the Burj Kalifa, the planet’s tallest building, and light up a remarkable city that was a fraction of the size 10 years ago.

Malta International Fireworks – Malta

For such a small island, Malta puts on a truly vast fireworks display each year in the last week of April. Many local and Italian fireworks teams work together to produce this extravaganza of light and sound, which, despite having only been run for a few years, is already becoming world-renowned.

Reveillon Fireworks Display – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio put on a dazzling fireworks display for the Olympic Games opener – but this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise because these guys adore fireworks. The best-known display is surely the one of Copacabana Beach every New Year’s Eve.

Guy Fawkes Night – United Kingdom

No fireworks display list is complete without Guy Fawkes Night – celebrating the capture of a certain Mr Fawkes – thus preventing him from blowing the Houses of Parliament to smithereens. With a twist of British irony, residents of the UK let off thousands of the things that almost destroyed the Mother of all Parliaments.

Montreal International Fireworks Competition

Imagine an entire month of fireworks! Well, if you visit Montreal in July of next year, you won’t have to. Scores of fireworks outfits compete to win the coveted Jupiter Award for Best Show. Each one delivers an innovative 30-minute display.

Independence Day Fireworks, Washington

The US capital simply can’t let Independence Day pass without a huge pyrotechnic extravaganza. Hundreds of thousands gathered around the Capitol Building to see the night sky light up in memory of kicking the Brits out in 1776.

Diwali, India

Not for the faint-hearted, Diwali is an all-out assault on the senses. Fireworks play a huge part in this period – also known as the Festival of Lights – and you’ll see and hear them all around at night time. Health and safety isn’t as embraced in India as it is in the UK, but this edge-of-your-seat feeling certainly adds to the excitement. If you go, find a safe balcony from which to survey the boundless whizzing, banging mayhem. Otherwise, just watch this video: